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Scottish Beasties - Domesticated HaggisHello and welcome to my web site! My name is William McLean Kerr and I have the privilege of bringing over 50 years of Lachie Dundurn’s observations to a wider audience …. namely, you !

Scottish Beasties - Cabers awa'In June 2010, a Publishing House approached me with an unusual proposition – ‘Would I be prepared to read a number of diaries and polish up the very ‘different’ sketches contained therein?’

Scottishe Beasties T ShirtsNow, this is not my usual sort of commission but, intrigued by the air of mystery, I readily agreed.

What was revealed to me was a whole other world that I knew nothing about. I’ve seen only a fraction of the information held by the Publishers but this small glimpse has left me eager to find out more.

As regards my illustrations, I hope that I have succeeded in doing justice to Lachie’s original sketches. Clearly, he is a talented amateur artist. I take no credit for the discovery of these beasties nor look for praise at their ultimate presentation to you. A selection of the many illustrations I produced are shown here but they can all be seen at Scottish Beasties.

Scottish BeastiesScottish Beasties - Young EagleInstead, I can only marvel at the patience and meticulous attention to detail that this man of the ‘Great Outdoors’ has recorded in his fascinating field journals.

I hope that you enjoy discovering the world of the Scottish Beasties as much as I have… and while you are here, please have a look around the rest of my web site and let me know what you think of my ‘usual’ work !


Scottish Beasties animal

Scottich Beasties sunset


I look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes,


(See image of the Scottish Beasties Field Guide)