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Illustrating and other work

During my career as an artist and illustrator I have been asked - and inspired - to create a number of slightly more unusual images and I’d like to share these with you. I hope you like them and thanks again for taking the time to view my work.

Illustration of cat

Curiosity 16 x 20 ins. Oil
After seeing the cast-iron, wooden and stone cats in a
junk shop I was inspired to paint this situation with
a real live kitten curiously looking at them.


Commissioned Illustration of fireplace

Fireplace 18 x 32 ins. Oil
A *trompe l’oeil commissioned by a couple who
didn’t like the empty fireplace in their bedroom!
(*from French, literally ‘deception of the eye’).


oil painting of jugs
Proud Parents 8 x 8 ins. Oil
One of a number of paintings I was inspired to paint
after realising that this style of antique white
jugs could take on an almost human appearance!



Illustration of drill
Illustration of old crate
illustration of old shoe
Time’s Devouring Hand (triptych) each panel 10 x 10 ins. Graphite.

I was inspired to draw this after contemplating how Man often makes products with claims that they will last forever...and, as we know, Mother Nature eventually reclaims her borrowed materials. I found these objects, in various states of wear and decay, on the Ayrshire coast and, using a little artistic licence, gave the items, from left to right, the following names: The Durable Drill, The Indestructable Crate and The Everlasting Sole.